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Altın Gün

Altın Gün

Psycedelic rock band of Dutch descent in Turkish language

Bassist Jasper Verhulst discovered the 70’s Anatolian rock when he was in Istanbul for his Salon concert in December 2015. Captivated by the psychedelic sounds of Selda Bağcan, Barış Manço and Erkin Koray, Verhulst took guitarist Ben Rider and drummer Nic Mauskovic next to him. In search of Turkish musicians who can breathe new life into this music on Facebook, they met Erdinç Yıldız Ecevit who will be responsible for saz, vocals and keyboard, and Merve Daşdemir who will join the band with her vocals. The band took its final shape with the inclusion of percussionist Gino Droeneveld. Following the intense love they naturally encountered when they first came to Istanbul last October, they spent the year 2018 moving from city to city, and from festival to festival. Having also received a passing grade from the live performance jury of KEXP after shows at festivals like Le Guess Who, Beaches Brew, Lowlands, Best Kept Secret, Montreal Jazz Festival, Paléo, and major stages like Paradiso and Gretchen, Altın Gün is at Salon for the first time to touch base with their roots.

The 70’s folk songs that are known by heart resurrects with a modern make-up that reveals their true soul.

Standing 70 TL
Student 50 TL

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