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Birlikte Güzel: Ásgeir

Birlikte Güzel: Ásgeir

Icelandic indie, electronic musician

Ásgeir turned the lists upside-down with an overnight success in Iceland with his 2012 debut. It’s estimated that almost ten percent of the Icelandic population owns the album, and he is one of the most listened names of European metropolises like London, Amsterdam. His 72-year-old poet father provides the majority of his lyrics. In 2013, with the help of Icelandic-based American singer-songwriter John Grant, who helped to translate his lyrics, released an English version of his debut. His ‘King and Cross’ music video reached 6.5 million viewers with its audio-visual perfection. He is also renowned with his cover of ‘Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel, one of the biggest hits of the music history, thanks to the The Graduate movie. If you like GusGus, you will like this electronic Bon Iver too.

One of the latest gifts of the Nordic lands to the world.

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