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British indie-pop duo consisting of singer Jack Sedman and guitarist Harry Draper.

Seafret makes hazy yet uplifting music that befits their namesake; the mist that rolls in off the North Sea during the summer. They released their first EP ‘Give me Something’ in 2014 and the second EP ‘Oceans’ in 2015. Seafret made a big breakthrough in 2015 with the video clip for their single ‘Oceans’ starring Maisie Williams, Arya from Game of Thrones. The clip was viewed more than 66 million times on YouTube, and the single was played over 74 million times on Spotify. Their debut studio album ‘Tell Me It’s Real’ is full with the air of the northern shores of England where they were born and raised, and peaked at no. 59 on UK Albums Chart, expanding their fan base significantly. They received a loving welcome for their indie-pop with heart-wrenching vocals. In September 2018 they renewed their musical identities with a grander structure in their new EP ‘Monsters’. Their new single ‘Loving You’, due to be released in February 2019, heralds a new period and a brand new album from Seafret, as well as a song that will take the headlines on playlists for listeners. After their first sold-out concert in 2017, that placed them among the favourites of Peçeteye İstek (Song Request on Napkin), Seafret will be at Salon İKSV for a second time on April 20 to reunite with their Istanbul audience.

Music of the most innocent feelings, hope and dream.

This event has an age restriction of 18.

Standing TL80
Student TL60

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