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Solo project from the front man of the Belgian indie rock band Balthazar, Maarten Devoldere

He formed Balthazar together with Jinte Deprez, Patricia Vanneste, Joachim Quartier, and Koen Verfaillie in 2004, when he was 18. As Balthazar, they won numerous local talent competitions before taking the stages at the festivals like Pukkelpop and Rock Wechter, and releasing their debut album ‘Applause’ in 2010. When all the bands were cancelling their European tours one by one because of the volcanic clouds hovering over the continent, they flew to the legendary Paradiso. They supported The Joy Formidable, Editors and dEUS in their European tours. Both ‘Applause’ and their second album ‘Rats’ were named the ‘Best Album of the Year’ at the Music Industry Awards. ‘Rats’ was mixed by Noah Georgeson, whose CV is crowded with giants like The Strokes and Devendra Banhart. Their 2015 album ‘Thin Walls’ was produced by Ben Hillier, who is no less fancy than Georgeson, and known for his works with Blur and Depeche Mode. This was the moment when Devoldere wanted to clear out some time for collateral projects and came up with his solo project. First EP, ‘The Good Lie’ was a collaboration with Sylvie Kreusch, Devoldere’s romantic partner and the vocalist of Soldier’s Heart. The title of his 2016 debut, ‘We Fucked a Flame into Being’, was a quote from D.H. Lawrence’s novel, ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’. The dark sentimentality of the album was likened to those of Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, and Tom Waits. A year later, he released his self-titled second album. It will be his first performance at Salon as Warhaus, after his previous Salon gig with his band mate, J. Bernardt.

Dark and romantic tales on love and life from the modern day Nick Cave and PJ Harvey

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