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Wooden Shjips / After: DJ Fitz

Wooden Shjips / After: DJ Fitz

A psychedelic dream team with Erik “Ripley” Johnson on vocals and guitars, Dusty Jermier on bass, Nash Whalen on keyboard and Omar Ahsanuddin on drums.

The quartet began jamming in San Francisco before releasing their self-titled debut album in 2007. They collected their songs that revitalise 60’s psychedelic rock in five albums until today. Their music invites listeners on an endless road trip on the vast Californian roads surrounded by palm trees, while each song paints a unique landscape. The band members cite Velvet Underground, Neil Young and the 60’s psychedelic scene among their inspirations. Their fifth album ‘V’ that came out last May after a five year hiatus is a summer vibe at its core, featuring songs that Ripley composed in the summer of 2017 as a peaceful and sometimes dreamy rebellion against the political pessimism and record-breaking heats in the air. Today, the team is divided between Portland and San Francisco, and have been touring Europe with an RV that they have rented from Berlin. One of their stops will be Salon in March.

Having played with Wooden Wisdom, Elijah Wood’s project, John Fitzgerald - aka DJ Fitz – is good at making crowds dance thanks to his wide repertoire ranging from Anatolian and African melodies to the Far East. Defining himself as, “If a Turkish disco diva, a Nigerian record producer, and a Brazilian cabaret dancer all got together circa 1976, Fitz would be playing their party,” he'll be at Salon to play yours, too right after Wooden Shjips.

The restful and atmospheric shores of psychedelic rock and guitar tunes that heal.

Standing 80 TL
Student 60 TL