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+1 Presents: Gezgin Salon: Tamino

+1 Presents: Gezgin Salon: Tamino

Tamino will mesmerise Istanbul once again following his new album Sahar.

Tamino opened a portal to the worlds beyond and stunned the audience with his giant presence on the stage at his Parkorman concert this past summer as part of the +1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival. Upon popular demand, Tamino visits Istanbul once again as the guest star of Gezgin Salon with +1 enthusiasm. This time, Tamino and his new album will take the lead at Volkswagen Arena on 18 February.

Tamino has managed to form tight bonds with his audience with songs such as ‘Indigo Night’ and ‘Habibi’ that convey a well of wisdom beyond his young age. Now, his wisdom grows with the echoes of his second album Sahar, released on 23 September. The grandson of one of Egypt’s most famed singers and film stars Muharrem Fouad, Tamino channels his own lineage, as well as the folk and rock music traditions from the Middle East and Europe for a borderless and timeless record.

Created in the wake of the international frenzy that followed his debut album Amir, Sahar was born in Tamino’s Antwerp apartment. Already adept at playing guitar and piano, Tamino took up the oud, an Arabic lute, under the mentorship of a Syrian refugee. The instrument served as a key tool in the songwriting process, and provides a melancholic soundscape that is threaded throughout the project. The record is a distillation of Tamino’s solitary reflections, and a product of work with close collaborators including Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood, producer/engineer PJ Maertens, and drummer Ruben Vanhoutte.


This event has an age limit of 14 years. Audiences under 14 years of age will not be allowed to enter the concert area even if they are accompanied by their parents or other relatives of legal age. Audiences between the ages of 14-18 will only be able to watch the concert in the stands, accompanied by their parents, due to the sale of alcohol in the general area. Those who do not meet these criteria will not be admitted to the event area even if they have purchased tickets in advance.

The specified time is the door opening time.

Please do not remove your wristbands during the event. If you leave the venue, re-entry with a ticket will not be possible and a new ticket will have to be purchased.

Tickets should only be purchased from official sales points. The organiser has the right to refuse entry to those with unofficially purchased tickets.

The organiser may refuse entry to those who are deemed inappropriate for the event area, provided that the ticket-holder is refunded.

Recording is strictly prohibited during the event. Professional audio and visual equipment (such as video cameras, cameras etc.), selfie sticks and GoPro sticks will not be allowed in the event area.

The right to use the photos and videos of participants in promotional materials belongs to the organiser. Participants accept the use of this right by participating in the event.

The organiser reserves the right to change the programme and ticket prices.

It is forbidden to enter the event area with flammable, explosive (such as deodorant, spray, perfume), sharp or piercing tools and laser pointers.

No medication is allowed.

You must keep your personal belongings with you at all times. All personal belongings are the responsibility of the participant.

Pets are not allowed.

Sound level in the event area may cause temporary hearing problems.

Light level in the event area may cause temporary discomfort in the eyes.


General sales begin on 10.30 on Friday, 9 December. The main box office of İKSV, located in Şişhane, Beyoğlu is open every day from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00, except Sunday.

A limited number of discounted tickets for students can be purchased via passo.com.tr/en and the Passo Mobile application, or at the main box office. We kindly ask students to have their valid ID or documents with them. For viewers who cannot show a valid ID, an additional ticket will be issued for the difference between the discounted and full ticket.


With the Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket project, student tickets will be 10 TL for the events organised by İKSV throughout 2022. Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets can be purchased from all Passo counters and passo.com.tr by creating a membership. To purchase tickets, “eczacibasigencbilet” must be written in the code field on the campaign screen.

Depending on the quota of the event, a limited number of Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets will be on sale. Only one Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket can be purchased at a time. For this event, student tickets are sold as a separate category.

The student status of the audience with Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets will be checked at the venue entrances before the events. In order to enter the event, students must show their valid student ID or a formal student document retrieved from E-Devlet (E-Government) for Turkish citizens. Istanbul Card is invalid. Student IDs of students studying abroad are valid.

If a valid student ID cannot be shown, the ticket holder will be directed to the box office to purchase a difference ticket. The difference will be the amount between the lowest general sales category and the student ticket. In case of being late to the event due to the waiting time that may occur while purchasing the difference ticket, the responsibility belongs to the audience, and the ticket will not be refunded in any way. Tickets will not be refunded to those who cannot present valid student documents and refuse to buy a difference ticket.

There is no age limit for Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket. Each event has its own age limit for entry. We kindly ask you to check the age limit before purchasing a ticket.


Tickets can be purchased via passo.com.tr/en and Passo Mobile application or by creating a membership or from the İKSV main box office. You can attend the events with your PDF tickets sent to your e-mail address, which can also be accessed from the ‘my tickets’ tab under your profile information on the Passo website. Ticket prices include service fee.


Priority sales will begin on 9 December for Black Tulip Card and White Tulip Card members at 10.30, and on the same day at 14.30 Red Tulip Cards. Tulip Card members are exempt from service fee. The discount rates are 25% for Black and White Tulip Card members, and 15% for Red Tulip Card members.

To become a Tulip Card member:


İKSV reserves the right to change the seating plans due to possible changes in the official notices affecting the organisation of cultural and artistic events within the scope of the COVID-19 measures. In case of any change in the seating plan, guests will be allocated the nearest possible seats and will be informed beforehands.

COVID-19 measures must be respected.


RECORDING DEVICES It is forbidden to record the event with a camera, mobile phone and all kinds of recording devices.

AUDIENCES WITH CHILDREN Please do not bring children under the age of 14 to the events. Tickets are required for children aged 14 and over. Audiences under the age of 14 will not be able to enter the concert area even if they are in the company their parents. Audiences between the ages of 14 and 18 can only enter the tribunes, due to the alcohol sales in the general standing and front stage area.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE It is forbidden to bring food and beverage from outside.

TICKET REFUND AND CHANGE Purchased tickets cannot be changed or refunded except for the cancellation of the event or the change of date. Refunds and changes to be made as a result of cancellation or date change must be carried out until the date to be specified in future announcements.

CHANGE OF VENUE There may be changes in the event venue for reasons beyond our control. İKSV will prepare a seating plan that will provide the closest place to the ticket numbers in the new venue. Tickets purchased due to venue change are non-refundable.

CHANGE IN THE PROGRAMME The event programme can be changed due to unforeseen reasons. Tickets purchased due to programme change are non-refundable.

HEALTH This event venue has a medical team and ambulance present.

LATE ENTRANCE We kindly request our audiences to be diligent to arrive on time for the performances. We kindly ask you to be present at the gate at least 30 minutes before door opening and for security reasons, not to carry any bags larger than a handbag. Luggage and large backpacks will not be accepted in the hall, and cloakroom service will not be provided.

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