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Birlikte Güzel: Boy Harsher

Birlikte Güzel: Boy Harsher

The American post-punk and synth-pop fusion band that brings life and sound to darkness, consisting of duo Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller.

Matthews and Muller started the project Teen Dreamz in 2013. The project was based on short stories written and read by Matthews and live scored by Muller. Over time, their music became increasingly danceable and Matthews' delivery became more dynamic and spontaneous turning into vocals. In 2014, the duo took on the moniker Boy Harsher. They recorded their first EP, Lesser Man, at home during the same year. While they didn't even have an album, they had turned into a cult on the synth-pop scene and had established a very loyal fan base. Tickets for their concerts are sold out in advance, and their records are sold at the speed of light. Their first album, Yr Body is Nothing, was released in 2016. Matthews's vocals and lyrics about passion, fantasies and loneliness, and Muller's minimal and dynamic synthesizer touches are the most important factors that make Boy Harsher stand out from the crowd. These factors appear more strikingly with their second album Careful, released a few months ago. Songs that revolve around the themes of withering lives and mental health, allow us to passionately connect with Boy Harsher's darkness.

Are you ready to be enlightened while dancing to Boy Harsher on the darkest night of winter?

This event has an age restriction of 18.

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