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New Classics: Joep Beving

New Classics: Joep Beving

Dutch minimalist composer and pianist.

Beving became a viral sensation after his self-released debut album, Solipsism, in 2015. His music has been listened to more than half a billion times to date and received a standing ovation at sold-out concerts. He reached his dream trilogy with Prehension and Henosis, which he released from Deutsche Grammophon. As the album titles suggest, Beving’s music explores some of life’s big philosophical questions. Following electronically driven triology, Beving returned to his solo piano roots with Hermetism in 2022. ‘I hope that it will have a comforting and communal effect on listeners,’ he says for his album that blends poignant melancholy with an offer of hope. All twelve new tracks on the album were recorded on Beving’s cherished Schimmel piano. ‘I came back to the piano to feel at home and in tune with myself and my surroundings,’ notes Beving. ‘I wanted to go by what felt right, which was to go back to the beginning, to solo piano songs, but using everything I had learned during the making of the trilogy.’

Everything about life and the universe is in these notes. Calm, refreshing, thought provoking, confrontational.

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