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+1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival

+1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival

The long-missed festival returns to Parkorman with a two-day music marathon.

The coziest live performance venue of Istanbul, Salon İKSV takes the form of a festival for the second round. Having hosted nearly 20 thousand music lovers last year, the +1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival is back in the greenery of Parkorman on Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30.

The line-up of the festival includes Satori, L'Imperatrice, Agar Agar, Sylvie Kreusch and Emir Taha on its first day, and Jon Hopkins, Warhaus, Still Corners, Büyük Ev Ablukada and Tsar B on its second day. Kardelen and The Flabbies were recently announced as the opening acts of the stage.

Priority ticket sales for Tulip Card members: Wednesday-Thursday, March 15-16
General sale: Friday, March 17


2nd Early Bird: 1.350 TL (Combined), 850 TL (Single Day)


22.15 SATORI

16.00 TSAR B

Your requests are heard: The closing act of the festival is Jon Hopkins with his new live set

“One of the most celebrated electronic musicians of his generation” according to The New Yorker, Jon Hopkins gained exposure through his work with Brian Eno, Coldplay and King Creosote in the mid-2000s and gradually found his voice as a solo artist, blending intricately crafted beats with serene, meditative textures. Mercury Prize-nominated Immunity (2013) and Grammy-nominated Singularity (2018), two intense, ambitious albums of spiritually-minded techno and ambient tracks, were among the decade’s most lauded electronic albums. The classically trained Hopkins returned to his essence with Music for Psychedelic Therapy (2021) that is “an album with no beats, not one drum sound, something that is closer to a classical symphony than a dance / electronica record” in his own words. Hopkins participates in the festival with his new live set and visuals, all his own.

Satori’s music is hidden in his name: awakening and enlightenment

Satori, a Japanese term commonly used in Buddhist faith, is described as an awakening, a state of enlightenment, achieved through the sudden realisation of the truth of an experience or natural phenomenon. This pursuit of enlightenment is palpably felt in Satori’s electronic compositions. The son of a South African mother and Serbian father, Satori also draws inspiration from cultural diversity. He sees each performance as a blank canvas, so he can construct a new experience each time. Sometimes he gets up from his set, picks up his guitar or flute, and tags along after an improvised melody. In his latest release Dreamin' Colors (2022) he revisits his Balkan heritage with an introverted, spiritual eye.

L’Impératrice with their heart-warming, muscle-relaxing soul-funk

They were unable to attend the festival due to a glitch last year, yet the new empress of soul-funk, L’Impératrice is with us this time. The band made a dizzying streak with their debut album, Matahari, and created a whirlwind effect in their homeland, France, and then all over the world. Their last album, Tako Tsubo, released in 2021, means “octopus trap” in Japanese. Modern medicine is yet to fund a cure for tako tsubo, a heart condition caused by intense emotional distress such as the loss of a loved one or anxiety over rejection, but L’Impératrice will surely ease the symptoms.

Büyük Ev Ablukada (The Big House Under Blockade) is as strange as it sounds

Büyük Ev Ablukada was founded in 2008, borrowing from a poem by Turgut Uyar. They quickly became urban legends with both their songs and their styles. It has members with the strangest nicknames you can imagine in Turkish. After turning their “Ay Şuram Ağrıyo” concert into an album with the name Ay Şuram Hâlâ Ağrıyo, they released their first official album, Full Faça, in 2012. In 2016, they opened the doors of the electronic world wide with their new concept, Fırtınayt. Their second album of the same name passed through this door in 2017. They continue to astonish us with their stage energies and their sincere relationship with their followers.

Agar Agar writes the future of electro-pop

The seeds of Agar Agar were planted by Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel at Beaux-Arts Paris, an experimental art school. Their 2018 debut studio album The Dog and The Future was followed by hit singles “You're High”, “Prettiest Virgin”, “I'm That Guy”, which were reminiscent of the dark disco music of the 80s. The band takes its name from a food made from boiled algae that Armand uses to tame his ants. They partied with Istanbulites at Salon after their Play Test album that came with its own video game, and now is their turn to amplify the party at the +1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival.

Warhaus: the solo project of the front man of Balthazar, Maarten Devoldere

Known as the modern-day Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, Warhaus writes dark and romantic tales of love and life. His 2016 debut album We Fucked a Flame into Being, was an excerpt from D.H. Lawrence’s novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Having made his first visit to Salon after his eponymous second album born in 2017, Warhaus is coming to the festival to invite us into his unabashed romanticism after his third album, Ha Ha Hearbreak, released last year. The album came gushing out of Devoldere in a mere three weeks in the sultry city of Palermo. All Devoldere needed was the solitude of a hotel room, a guitar, a microphone, and a heart that had recently been broken in thousands of pieces.

Like staring at the carefree skies of the desert: Still Corners

Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes met at a train station in London, formed Wrecking Lights Records and began releasing music one after another. They traveled miles into the hearts of music lovers with the “The Trip” from their first album, Strange Pleasures, which was viewed 60 million on YouTube. The last piece of the album series announced as a trilogy, The Last Exit, arrived in 2021. Another reflection of the band’s famous “desert noir” sound, The Last Exit takes listeners on a trip through dilapidated towns and vast landscapes. Brought to life with organic instrumentation, cl-toned guitar, spacious drums and the smoky croon of Tessa Murray, the album unravels worlds beyond horizon.

Outrageous pop wit: Sylvie Kreusch

Based in Anvers, Sylvie Kreusch is a true European musician. She is known for her expressive lyricism and keen ear for both experimental and pop styles. Her music is commonly heard in the campaigns of the fashion world. She made her debut in the Belgian art rock scene of the past decade, playing with Soldier’s Heart and Warhaus. After her first EP, BADA BING BABA BOOM!, came Wild Love. In her latest work, Montbray, released in 2021, Kreusch opens the pandora’s box of heartbreak with coy curiosity. Named after an idyllic village in Normandy, Montbray navigates different wavelengths of Kate Bush’s colourful pop vision and subversive prose of Serge Gainsbourg.

It was a love at first sight when we explored him at Salon: Emir Taha

The song “Huyu Suyu” has been stuck in our head since the day we were exposed to it at Salon. Emerging on the global music scene, Emir Taha calls out to the world from his base in south London, successfully combining the sounds of Anatolia with alternative R&B and “leftfield” electronica. Emir Taha, 26, was born in Antalya. His early works pricked the ear of Turkish pop megastar Kenan Doğulu, who invited Emir to support him on tour and welcomed him into his studio. A year later, Emir moved to London for university and kept up music between his studies, performing at open-mic nights around the city. Hoppa, which he released in two parts, is the biggest reflection for now of Emir’s evocative style, his knack for a high-concept metaphor and the duality of his eastern heritage and western surroundings.

Dance like there’s no tomorrow with Tsar B

Belgian DIY producer Justine Bourgeus’ R&B project Tsar B is often compared to FKA twigs, Azalia Banks and MIA. She performs “R&B as dark as the night” in her own words and puts every dance enthusiast from disco amateurs to professional choreographs in motion with her electronica-influenced, at times intense and aggressive synths, ornamented with Middle Eastern tunes. The video clip featuring the choreography of the celebrated choreographer and dance tutor Alexander Chung dedicated to her song “Escalate” got 20 million hits on Youtube. Having visited Salon for her first Turkey concert on the eve of her debut album The Games I Played, Tsar B is back with one of her mind-blowing performances.

The new voice of Turkish alternative and R&B scene, Kardelen

Kardelen started her education at the conservatory. In high school, she studied viola and piano, and now she continues her education in the opera department. She released her singles, “Ceketin Bende Kaldı”, “Emanet” and “Yaktın Beni” one after another in 2022 and she also drew attention with her music videos. She released her first EP, Lütfen Kalbmi Sökün with the Universal Music Türkiye label in October and met the Salon audience last november. She kickstarts the stage performances of the festival’s Saturday with her songs that bear the sentiments of all four seasons.

Shoegaze band from Istanbul, The Flabbies

An Explosions in the Sky-influenced, poignant post-rock and shoegaze band The Flabbies was formed by childhood friends Oğuz Kont and Sarp Dağlar Şahin. The duo released their first single ‘Gentrification’ in 2015. With their following three-song EP, 2015, they signaled that soon they will be one of the main ambassadors of instrumental shoegaze and dream pop in the country. In between several EPs and albums, they shot a commercial video with the Italian car manufacturer, FIAT. Their most favoured songs include ‘Turkish’, ‘Under The Sun’, and ‘Jungle’. They launched their latest album Alive at Salon.


General sale starts at 10.30 on Friday, 17 March. İKSV main box office is open every day between 10.00 and 18.00 except Sunday.

It is forbidden to bring food and beverage from outside.

The maximum number of tickets a person can buy is 10.

The specified time is the door opening time.

This event has an age limit of 18-year-old. Those between the age of 14-18 can attend the concert accompanied by their parents.

All ticket categories are standing (on foot).

Guests should not remove their wristbands during the event. If you leave the venue, re-entry with a ticket will not be possible.


Tickets can be purchased via passo.com.tr and Passo Mobile application by creating a membership, or from the İKSV main box office. You can attend the events with your PDF tickets sent to your e-mail address, which can also be accessed from the ‘my tickets’ tab under your profile information on the Passo website. Ticket prices include service fee.


With the Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket project, student tickets are 10 TL for all İKSV events. Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets can only be purchased from Passo counters including the main box office of İKSV and passo.com.tr by creating a membership, and not from the Passo Mobil app. To purchase tickets, “eczacibasigencbilet” must be written in the code field on the campaign screen.

Depending on the quota of each event, a limited number of Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets will be on sale. Only one Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket can be purchased at a time. In seated events, a special sitting section is created for this category. In standing activities, unless otherwise stated, regular and student ticket holders will be mixed.

The student status of the audience with Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets will be checked at the venue entrances before the events. In order to enter the event, students must show their valid student ID or a formal student document retrieved from E-Devlet (E-Government) for Turkish citizens. Istanbul Card is invalid. Student IDs of students studying abroad are valid.

If a valid student ID cannot be shown, the ticket holder will be directed to the box office to purchase a difference ticket. The difference will be the amount between the lowest general sales category and the student ticket. In case of being late to the event due to the waiting time that may occur while purchasing the difference ticket, the responsibility belongs to the audience, and the ticket will not be refunded in any way. Tickets will not be refunded to those who cannot present valid student documents and refuse to buy a difference ticket.

There is no age limit for Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket. Each event has its own age limit for entry. We kindly ask you to check the age limit before purchasing a ticket.


Priority sales will begin for Black and White Tulip Card members on 15 March and Red Tulip Card members on 16 March. Tulip Card members can purchase their tickets during the priority sales at passo.com.tr, the Passo Mobil application, and at the İKSV main box office between 10.00-18.00. During the priority sales, no service fee is charged in any of the sales channels for ticket purchases with the Tulip Card. Black and White Tulip Card members receive a 25% discount at all events. Red Tulip Card members are entitled to a 15% discount.

To become a Tulip Card member:


Click to view Parkorman on the map.

Full address: Parkorman Nature Park. Maslak Mahallesi, Buyukdere Cad. No: 263

There is no vehicle access to the festival area, please choose your arrival route carefully.

You can get off at the Darüşşafaka stop of the M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line and reach Parkorman in 5 minutes by foot.

On Saturday, the night metro operates 24 hours. On Sunday, M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro services were extended until 01.00. We would like to thank Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and METRO ISTANBUL A.Ş. for their support

You can reach Parkorman by using the bus lines passing through IETT Fatih Parkorman station. Buses passing through the stop: 25G, 29A, 29C, 29D, 41, 42M, 47L, 59RK, 59RS, 62H, D2

Beşiktaş-Sarıyer minibuses also pass through Parkorman.


  • This event has an age limit of 18 years. The audience between the ages of 14-18 can attend the event accompanied by their parents. Audiences under the age of 14 are not allowed in the venue.
  • All categories are standing.
  • Please do not remove your wristbands during the event, as re-entry with a ticket will not be possible.
  • There is no vehicle entry to the festival area.
  • For security reasons, we kindly ask that you do not carry any bags larger than your handbag. Luggages and large backpacks will not be accepted in the venue.
  • We remind you that you are responsible for your belongings in the festival area.
  • Pets will not be allowed in the festival area, except for guide dogs.
  • It is forbidden to enter the festival area with any tools and laser pointers that can be used as flammable, explosive (aerosol-enabled and/or pressurized such as deodorant, spray, perfume), cutting and penetrating tools.
  • Entry with Selfie Sticks and GoPro sticks etc. is prohibited.
  • All kinds of perfumes, deodorants and disinfectants with more than 50 ml will not be allowed in the festival area.
  • Items that may disturb the comfort of the guests, such as sun loungers, umbrellas, camping chairs, picnic stools, will not be accepted in the festival area.
  • The organizer has the right to deny entry, provided that the ticket price is refunded.
  • Professional recording is strictly prohibited during the festival. The audience agrees that audiovisual recording devices can be confiscated if the festival management deems it appropriate.
  • Since all concerts will be held outdoors, we recommend that you choose suitable clothes and shoes, and bring an umbrella or raincoat in case the weather is cool or rainy.
  • Noise levels in the festival area may cause temporary hearing problems.
  • Light patterns in the festival area may cause temporary eye discomfort.
  • The right to use the photos and videos of the people participating in the festival in the promotional materials belongs to the festival organization. By participating in the festival, the guests are assumed to have accepted the use of this right.
  • The security guards at the entrance of the festival have the right to search the bags of the participants and to confiscate the items that do not comply with the festival rules.
  • The organizer has the right to stop the festival in an emergency, to keep the participants in the festival area and to postpone the festival.
  • Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged if the festival is postponed. Tickets will be valid for the next available date.
  • Event tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • The organizer has the right to remove the participants who behave in a way that disturbs the peace of others from the festival area without refunding their tickets.
  • Food and beverages brought from outside will not be taken to the concert area, as food and beverages will be available inside.
  • The event will take place in all weather conditions. It is recommended to be prepared for all weather conditions. Tickets will not be refunded due to weather conditions.
  • Ticket holders are deemed to have accepted the event rules and that they will be removed from the festival area without a ticket refund in case of any violation of the rules.
  • The event will have a medical team and ambulance present.

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