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+1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival

+1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival

As we step closer to the +1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival 2024, the wave of excitement grows exponentially with the announcement of new names we'll experience at the festival. Travis and Miles Kane kick off the festival countdown!

We are delighted to announce the Scottish alternative rock band Travis as the headliner for the first day of the festival. The multi-platinum and multi-BRIT Award-winning band is known for headlining many of the world’s biggest festivals, including Glastonbury, as well as performing epic sets at Coachella, Fuji Rock, and many more. Recent setlists have included numerous hits and fan favourites from across their 10 albums. On the same day, Stavroz will ignite the dance floor with their live sets, joined by Büyük Ev Ablukada, Oceanvs Orientalis, and Bade in different slots. One of the major highlights will be the charismatic Brit rock legend Miles Kane.

On Sunday, as the night falls, Parcels and La Femme will turn the floor into a natural disco, accompanied by Hey! Douglas (Live), ENGIN, Monsieur Minimal, and Elektro Hafız. Complementing the festival’s flavour, stand-up comedy shows at +1 Comedy Salon on both days in Bonus Parkorman’s revamped amphitheatre, presented in collaboration with TuzBiber, will add an extra zest. Stay tuned for the detailed programme, soon on saloniksv.com.

Let’s connect day to night for two days at our beloved corner of the northern forests, Bonus Parkorman, welcoming the hot months of summer with exciting music, endless dancing, and lively conversations powered by +1.

Stand-up breaks from TuzBiber

Complementing the festival’s flavour, stand-up comedy shows at +1 Comedy Salon on both days in Bonus Parkorman’s revamped amphitheatre, presented in collaboration with TuzBiber, will add an extra zest. On Saturday, Deniz Göktaş, Caner Dağlı, Akın Aslan, and Doğu Can; while on Sunday, Caner Omur, Tuna Kalınsaz, Berk Karan, and Çağla Alkan will be injecting humor into the concert breaks.


14.10 Bade
15.25 Miles Kane
16.45 Oceansvs Orientalis
18.15 Stavroz (Live)
20.15 Büyük Ev Ablukada
22.15 Travis
16.25 Doğu Can
17.45 Akın Aslan
19.45 Caner Dağlı
21.30 Deniz Göktaş

14.30 Elektro Hafız
16.00 Monsieur Minimal
17.30 ENGIN
19.00 Hey! Douglas (Live)
20.30 La Femme
22.15 Parcels
17.00 Çağla Alkan
18.30 Berk Karan
20.00 Caner Omur
21.45 Tuna Kalınsaz

From Scotland with love comes Travis!

Formed in the 1990s at the Glasgow School of Art, Travis comprises Fran Healy on vocals and guitar, Andy Dunlop on guitar, Dougie Payne on bass, and Neil Primrose on drums. The BRIT Award-winning band, renowned for multi-million-selling platinum-certified albums such as The Man Who and The Invisible Band, is set to elevate +1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival onto the global stage, on the eve of their new album L.A. Times, heralded by the single ‘Gaslight’.

Büyük Ev Ablukada, once again transforming with their new album

Büyük Ev Ablukada loves to create extraordinary worlds with their lyrics, music, and stage performances with each new album, providing a refreshing dose of mind-opening music to the Turkish audience tired of love songs. With Fırtınayt, they opened the doors to the electronic world wide, and with their latest album Defansif Dizayn and the accompanying new shows, they rejuvenate their stage energy.

Stavroz to dominate the stage with a live set of minimal techno

Stavroz senses the minute mood changes of the audience to offer unique and exceptionally unrepeatable experiences for the stage, the venue, and their audience, always with live sets. They elevate electronic music as both energetic dance music and as a rare exchange of ethnic and acoustic elements with jazz. With more than half a million monthly listeners on Spotify and thunderous performances at festivals such as Coachella (USA), Fusion Festival (DE) and Pukkelpop (BE), Stavroz has irrefutably become timeless over the years.

The charismatic voice of Brit rock now striding on his own: Miles Kane

The legendary vocal and electro guitar virtuoso Miles Kane wrote the history of indie rock alongside his neighbours like Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, and Kasabian. Kane first gained recognition with The Rascals, and revived the golden age of Baroque pop in the years to come. He enchanted us with indie rock anthems like ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are,’ and lately returned to his roots with One Man Band in 2023, featuring exuberant guitars, high-octane vocals, and relentless indie rock.

Carefree, bass-driven, and liberated: Oceanvs Orientalis

The project of Istanbul’s Şafak Özkütle, Oceanvs Orientalis, is a one-man army melting the world’s entire sonic heritage into his music, using the unlimited possibilities of electronic music. He has been the secret hero of Istanbul’s long-awaited parties since 2011. With his Kanto Records founded in 2017, he never misses discovering a new talent every month.

Bade is raising the bar in alternative pop

Living between New York and Istanbul, Bade composes, sings, and is known for her production skills. Despite being in the early years of her music career, she’s already adored by the stage lights. She trained at the Berklee College of Music, performed at various venues in New York, and started album work with Kenan Doğulu, releasing ‘Fragile’ from Doğulu Music in April 2022. We’re here to witness a rising star.

‘Live’liest form of electronic dance music: Parcels

Parcels have been hailing from Berlin for years now. A live stage favourite, the band played to sold-out crowds around the globe, including the Hollywood Bowl in LA and SummerStage in Central Park, NYC, their most extensive tour to date, drawing Daft Punk comparisons. The chance to see Daft Punk live may be long gone now, but the opportunity to see Parcels live in their prime is not to be missed.

Are you ready to succumb to the allure of La Femme?

After the stunning performance of L’Impératrice at last year’s festival, La Femme, the French psychedelic sensation, is set to take over the Istanbul scene at the +1 Presents: Gezgin Salon Festival. According to Michael Hann from The Guardian, La Femme ‘tries on a wardrobe of different clothes – psychedelia, surf rock, electronica, krautrock and more – and ends up looking fantastic in all of them.’

Hey! Douglas with a festival-exclusive performance

Inspired by the psychedelic rock and pop culture of the 60s and 70s that had a huge influence on the local music scene, Hey! Douglas enriches geographical melodies with breakbeat, disco, and funk, creating a layered music. Hey! Douglas is now bringing his lively electronic music to the festival stage with his live orchestra.

ENGIN’s rhythms will captivate you

ENGIN from Mannheim sings in German, Turkish, and English, finding inspiration in the Anatolian rock of the 70s, creative fusions of legends like Barış Manço and Cem Karaca, but also in popular culture ranging from Pink Floyd to Altın Gün and The War On Drugs. The trio’s unique live performances leave listeners mesmerised.

Monsieur Minimal, unforgettable with ‘Desert in your Eyes’

Monsieur Minimal, the festival’s guest from our lovely neighbour, is from Athens. His dream snippets from the 60s and 70s, vintage synths and guitars, along with seductive vocals, earned him the title of Greece’s current indie-pop pioneer. With elements borrowed skillfully from soul, funk, disco, and indie, his album Seven, due just before the festival on 6 June, promises to be one of the standout albums of his career.

A local wedding in the most twisted form: Elektro Hafız

We’re bringing our saz and DJ set, heading towards a forty-day, forty-night wedding in a border village in the southeast. Elektro Hafız loves to play with contrasts, creating new compositions. He elevates wedding music to a hypnotic dimension while never letting go of humour. He lives in Cologne and frequently tours Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and Brussels.


Early Bird 1st Phase: 1.200 TL (Combined), 750 TL (Single Day)
Early Bird 2nd Phase: 1.750 TL (Combined), 1.100 TL (Singe Day)
Regular: 1.950 TL (Combined), 1.200 TL (Single Day)
Door: 2.100 TL (Combined), 1.300 TL (Single Day)

With a limited number of +1 Ticket opportunity, buy 1 combined ticket and get 1 for free during the Early Bird phase. Not applicable with Tulip Card discounts.


General sales begin on Friday, 14 February, at 10.30. İKSV box office is open every day between 10.00-18.00, except Sundays.

It is forbidden to bring food and beverage from outside.

The maximum number of tickets a person can buy is 10.

The specified time is the door opening time.

This event has an age limit of 18-year-old. Those between the ages of 14-18 can attend the concert accompanied by their parents.

All ticket categories are standing (on foot).

Guests should not remove their wristbands during the event. If you leave the venue, re-entry with a ticket will not be possible.


Tickets can be purchased through passo.com.tr/en and Passo Mobile app by creating an account or at İKSV box office. You can enter the events by presenting your PDF ticket, which is sent to your e-mail address and also stored under ‘my tickets’ section of your profile page at the Passo website.


Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets can be purchased from all Passo counters and passo.com.tr by creating a membership. To purchase tickets, ‘eczacibasigencbilet’ must be written in the code field on the campaign screen.

Depending on the quota of each event, a limited number of Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets will be on sale. Only one Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket can be purchased at a time. In seated events, a special sitting section is created for this category. In standing activities, unless otherwise stated, regular and student ticket holders will be mixed.

The student status of the audience with Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets will be checked at the venue entrances before the events, and viewers whose ID information does not match their Youth Ticket will be directed to the box office to purchase a difference ticket. In order to enter the event, students must show their valid student ID or a formal student document retrieved from E-Devlet (E-Government) for Turkish citizens. Istanbul Card is invalid. Student IDs of students studying abroad are valid. Youth Tickets are personal, non-transferable and not sellable. Name and surname must be provided when purchasing a ticket.

The difference ticket will be the amount between the lowest general sales category and the student ticket. In case of being late to the event due to the waiting time that may occur while purchasing the difference ticket, the responsibility belongs to the audience, and the ticket will not be refunded in any way. Tickets will not be refunded to those who cannot present valid student documents and refuse to buy a difference ticket.

There is no age limit for Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket. Each event has its own age limit for entry. We kindly ask you to check the age limit before purchasing a ticket.


Priority sales begin for Black and White Tulip Card members on 13 February, Tuesday, at 10.30 and at 14.30 on the same day for Red Tulip Card members. During the period of priority sales, members can purchase their tickets through passo.com.tr/en, Passo Mobil app, and at İKSV box office (between 10.00-18.00). Black and White Tulip Card holders are entitled to a discount of 25% for all events, and 15% discount is applicable for Red Tulip Card holders.

To become a Tulip Card member, please visit lalekart.iksv.org.

Due to security at our concerts, please make sure to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the concert and not to carry anything larger than a handbag. Please note that suitcases and large backpacks will not be admitted in the venue.


İKSV is committed to preventing black market activities, ensuring the safety of the audience and that events are fairly accessible.

You may resell regular, discount or promotional tickets you have purchased for İKSV events only for the ticket price you have purchased, in good faith.

We would like to publicly announce that we will initiate legal proceedings against those who carry out second-hand sales for profit, especially in line with the complaints we have received about the resale of student tickets with higher prices.

Ticket sales above the prices set by İKSV will not be tolerated.

You can notify us about attempts for unfair gain by second-hand ticket sales and support us in the steps we take to prevent black market activities.


Click to view Bonus Parkorman on the map.

Full address: Parkorman Nature Park. Maslak Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cad. No: 263

There is no vehicle access to the festival area, please choose your arrival route carefully.

You can get off at the Darüşşafaka stop of the M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line and reach Parkorman in 5 minutes by foot.

On Saturday, the night metro operates 24 hours. On Sunday, M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro services were extended until 01.00. We would like to thank Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and METRO ISTANBUL A.Ş. for their support.

You can reach Parkorman by using the bus lines passing through IETT Fatih Parkorman station. Buses passing through the stop: 25G, 29A, 29C, 29D, 41, 42M, 47L, 59RK, 59RS, 62H, D2

Beşiktaş-Sarıyer minibuses also pass through Parkorman.


  • This event has an age limit of 18 years. The audience between the ages of 14-18 can attend the event accompanied by their parents. Audiences under the age of 14 are not allowed in the venue.
  • All categories are standing.
  • Please do not remove your wristbands during the event, as re-entry with a ticket will not be possible.
  • There is no vehicle entry to the festival area.
  • For security reasons, we kindly ask that you do not carry any bags larger than your handbag. Luggages and large backpacks will not be accepted in the venue.
  • We remind you that you are responsible for your belongings in the festival area.
  • Pets will not be allowed in the festival area, except for guide dogs.
  • It is forbidden to enter the festival area with any tools and laser pointers that can be used as flammable, explosive (aerosol-enabled and/or pressurized such as deodorant, spray, perfume), cutting and penetrating tools.
  • Entry with Selfie Sticks and GoPro sticks etc. is prohibited.
  • All kinds of perfumes, deodorants and disinfectants with more than 50 ml will not be allowed in the festival area.
  • Items that may disturb the comfort of the guests, such as sun loungers, umbrellas, camping chairs, picnic stools, will not be accepted in the festival area.
  • The organizer has the right to deny entry, provided that the ticket price is refunded.
  • Professional recording is strictly prohibited during the festival. The audience agrees that audiovisual recording devices can be confiscated if the festival management deems it appropriate.
  • Since all concerts will be held outdoors, we recommend that you choose suitable clothes and shoes, and bring an umbrella or raincoat in case the weather is cool or rainy.
  • Noise levels in the festival area may cause temporary hearing problems.
  • Light patterns in the festival area may cause temporary eye discomfort.
  • The right to use the photos and videos of the people participating in the festival in the promotional materials belongs to the festival organization. By participating in the festival, the guests are assumed to have accepted the use of this right.
  • The security guards at the entrance of the festival have the right to search the bags of the participants and to confiscate the items that do not comply with the festival rules.
  • The organizer has the right to stop the festival in an emergency, to keep the participants in the festival area and to postpone the festival.
  • Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged if the festival is postponed. Tickets will be valid for the next available date.
  • Event tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • The organizer has the right to remove the participants who behave in a way that disturbs the peace of others from the festival area without refunding their tickets.
  • Food and beverages brought from outside will not be taken to the concert area, as food and beverages will be available inside.
  • The event will take place in all weather conditions. It is recommended to be prepared for all weather conditions. Tickets will not be refunded due to weather conditions.
  • Ticket holders are deemed to have accepted the event rules and that they will be removed from the festival area without a ticket refund in case of any violation of the rules.
  • The event will have a medical team and ambulance present.

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